Friday, August 28, 2009

The installation is finished

Michael Strange from the Sacramento Library arrived with his camera to take some pictures. Chris Noll, the talented architect on the project was visiting.
After many months of design, research, fabrication and installation, "Migration" is complete.
If you are still you can see the butterflies move. The more still you are, the more you can see them move.
Cast shadows on the walls are subtle but enchanting.
The grand opening celebration is tomorrow at 9:30am. Click here for info.

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, the story of the monarch migration is endlessly engrossing. It has inspired me to explore the idea of creating a book. I'm partnering with my dear friend, Kathy Rushford, a brilliant teacher who has 30 years experience with middle school children. This won't be a sweet, cute children's book but rather an illustrated "graphic" novel as seen through the eyes of one special "hero" butterfly. The real story of the migration provides rich fodder for "cliff-hangers" and wild explorations that our hero would likely encounter on his 2,000 mile migration from Canada to Mexico. The librarians at Valley Hi have been very encouraging and I'm looking forward to their advice.

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  1. Oh... it is so very beautiful. Just, amazing. I truly hope to one day stand beneath this and gaze up.